Our story

Back in 1995, being a Virtual Assistant hadn’t quite caught on yet. The Internet was in its infancy, Google did not exist, but running a business still required marketing, accounting, and the usual to-do list on post-it notes!

After hearing from several business owners that were swamped with spending precious time on administrative projects that were necessary for their business, but not necessarily tasks they enjoyed or were knowledgeable in, we knew we could help provide the solution.

The idea of Anything Office was created 25 years ago out of the desire to use our unique skills and strengths to affordably help small businesses work more efficiently saving them time and money.

Our goal was to remove the burden of everyday tasks and projects like data entry, flyer design, accounts payable, or to wear the hat of an executive assistant, bookkeeper, or both if that was needed…all from our home!

Whether it is a one-time project or ongoing support you need, we can help with all types of business needs; no job is too small.

Save Money – You’re in control

Fast forward to today, Anything Office still makes it easy, not overwhelming, to outsource your busy-work for a fraction of the cost of a full-time assistant. We eliminate the hassle and costs associated with having employees. You control what you spend and how you spend it because you only pay for time spent on a project or task. There are no expenses associated with sick time, vacations, holidays, overtime, employee benefits, unemployment taxes, workers’ compensation, FICA match, office space, or supplies.

Cindy Petika President

With over 25 years of serving hundreds of clients, the majority of our business is referral-based because we are experienced, efficient and economical. You can also be assured of our complete confidentiality practices. Not only do we take pride in the work we perform, we always do what is necessary to ensure that your project is completed to your satisfaction so you can consider it done!