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Administrative Reviews

Fast, Efficient, and Conscientious

I saw an almost immediate return when I started working with Anything Office. The team is fast, efficient, and conscientious. I got hours back in my day which allowed me to focus on revenue generating activities and most importantly, I was able to “turn the lights off” at a reasonable hour to spend more quality time with family and friends. Cindy has become a welcome leader of virtual webinars and summits and labs which has been instrumental in growing my teaching and speaking portfolio, two areas that are fulfilling and fun. 

Mary M.
Revealing Genius LLC

Can Handle Any Request

I honestly don’t know what I’d do without Cindy! She is my trusted co-pilot, the perfect partner to support the administrative, marketing, and business development functions of The Hauer Group. Cindy has a terrific presence, a “yes” person – always looking to see what’s possible. She seemingly can handle any request, extremely professional, with a super-fast turnaround, all at a very reasonable cost. I give Cindy my highest 5-star rating and recommend her to any solopreneur, small business seeking the best administrative support available.  

Shary H.
The Hauer Group Executive Coaching Company

Invested In Helping Our Organization

We have worked with Anything Office for the past several years. Cindy Petika is our District administrator and her work is invaluable to us. As the current President and member of the board for the past 5 years, I have personally seen how she has taken over the position to help grow our organization. Her duties include marketing, design, record keeping, purchasing supplies, planning events, and just keeping our board members organized. Cindy is responsive and typically knows what we need next before we do. Each year, she quickly adjusts to new leadership within the organization and works well with everyone. She is not only dedicated to doing a great job but is invested in helping our organization be successful for many years to come. I highly recommend Cindy Petika and Anything Office to anyone.

Britney M.
Florida CCIM West Coast District

A Solution To My To-Do List

I would like to take a moment to express my delight regarding my relationship with Anything Office. As a former corporate executive, I was blessed with an administrative assistant and a secretary. Now I have my own business….No admin., no secretary. Well, I found a better solution to my to-do list: ANYTHING OFFICE. Cindy and her staff do it ALL. All traditional office needs, simple computer issues, marketing, etc., etc., and then some!

Carol P.
Unique Fitness

Marketing Reviews

Design and Printing Needs

Over the last year, the Anything Office team has also taken over all of our design and printing needs from business cards, letterhead, logos to brochures. The quality is superb and the customer service is just as great.  They allowed me to communicate almost solely through email from start to finish – bouncing around design ideas, getting price quotes, and finally a draft approval. They offer bulk pricing at great rates. I will ALWAYS choose this company & you should too – hands down. Support local small businesses every chance you get!

Aubrae R.
Premier Radiation Oncology Associates

Saved Money and Time

Anything Office’s staff has excelled as being “taskmasters” of assisting me in my business. They have done excellent brochures, redesigned my business cards, and sent out monthly newsletters to my clients on time, with unique design. Cindy has taken photos, done open houses, and been accessible to me via phone or email. She was also very instrumental in the design of my new website. Our monthly meetings are productive. I never have to worry about spelling or content corrections. Having their services has saved me money and time to do what I do best.

Susan O.
Florida Luxury Realty

Professional, Efficient, & Cost Conscious

I highly recommend the services of Cindy Petika and her business Anything Office for outsourcing of any business needs that a company might have.  Cindy and her firm currently handle the coordination of our birthday cards, newsletter and raffle/contest information distribution.  However, her firm will provide basically any service that a business needs to outsource.  Anything Office and its staff is extremely professional, efficient, and cost conscious.   Anything Office allows you and your staff to be more productive by taking over those everyday tasks that consume your company’s time.

Chuck P.
The Law Office of Charles S. Philips, PLLC

Marketing Strategy & Rebrand

Cindy and her team truly fit their business name and model. Cindy was able to help me put into place a marketing strategy with specific goals which she monitored and suggested changes for to fulfill my marketing needs. She helped me to rebrand my business.  This included so many things from changing phones, new logo creation, new website, patient letters, and different platforms of social media, just to name a few.

If you are looking for a virtual teammate, consider Cindy and her team at Anything Office and know it will get done!

Cara H.
Office of Dr. Cara Hacht, DC

Bookkeeping Reviews

Handles Bookkeeping, Payroll, & Tax Reporting

For many years now, Anything Office has handled all of our bookkeeping needs. Tami handles all of our payrolls from start to finish, our quarterly and year-end tax reporting, as well as all of our daily bookkeeping and accounts payable.  She also works closely with our CPA to provide quarterly financial statements.  She has become a trusted adviser!

Aubrae R.
Premier Radiation Oncology Associates

Set Up QuickBooks

I had so much to accomplish in a short time.  Cindy and her team stepped in to many of the administrative roles that I didn’t have time to take care of or the staff to use. It really took some of the pressure off.  Tami helped set up my QuickBooks, payroll and taxes.  Tami currently handles my bookkeeping and I have no plans of changing. Cindy and her team truly fit their business name and model.

If you are looking for a virtual teammate, consider Cindy and her team at Anything Office and know it will get done!

Cara H.
Office of Dr. Cara Hacht, DC

Excellent For Over 10 Years

I would highly recommend Anything Office to any company or individual looking for professional, trustworthy bookkeeping (or office) services. Tami’s quality of work has been excellent for over 10 years and it is a pleasure working with her.

Joe M.
JCM Trim Carpentry, Inc.

Accurate & Timely

We have used Tami for 6+ years. She is accurate, timely and always has a smile. She knows Quickbooks inside and out. We would highly recommend Tami and Anything Office!

Lorrie R.
Rizzotto Tax Advisory Group


Experienced    Efficient   Economical

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